Revery Rebirth Gameplay Teaser Blogpost

Happy New Year! Happy more gamedev!

We’ll be launching a Kickstarter for Revery Rebirth in a couple months, and leading up to that, we’ve made a Gameplay Teaser Trailer. Watch it below!!

What’s to come…

Again. Kickstarter. We’re preparing for that in full force. Which means, a demo! Soon, you’ll be able to play the beginning portion of the game, which gives access to the game’s mechanics as well as,

  • A couple dungeons.

  • A handful of the game’s characters.

  • Rockstar mechanics. - Your character’s ability to customize their magic abilities.

  • Learn sheet music. - This allows you to learn new magic abilities.

  • Uncover secrets of Croix Island

  • Much more!

What we’ve learned…

As new Game Developers, preparing this much of the game has been a long journey, since a lot of the time was spent learning how to do basic things like pixel art and coding. There was a lot of redoing things. However, we’re now getting on the express way to finishing the entirety of the game. Ideally, it’ll take just as long as this first part has, since we won’t have to do much trial and error.

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Cheers, Rockstars!!