Happy Birthday, Majic, or, Maciej

Recently it was one of my favorite muses birthdays. So, Happy Birthday, Maciej. 

I met this penguin impersonating man back in some foggy Milan atmosphere. It was cold, and it was at McDonalds. The momentum was like getting t-boned in a car accident; it's sudden and moments before you had no idea of repercussions that were about to occur. Grizzly Bear played on my headphones as I connected the dots of our run-ins and adventures. I once made a 12+ minute video just to subtly make his credit in the video (of over 30 people) the most special. 

With muses - as I guess is the best, most grounded way to explain them - you can never really explain their effect on you. You try, you fail, you try again, and things are made. The footprints of this muses effect on me cross the world several times and are still stampeding onto unknown territory. 

So again, Happy Birthday, Majic. (or, Maciej)

Maciej Grubich