Here is no why

I was born at a very young age. I grew up in a trailer park located in a drive-through town in Minnesota. There wasn't much to inspire me beyond coloring the sidewalks with chalk and challenging "dead man's hill". My teen years weren't filled with the normal debauchery of a good alternative song, but instead, I spent the majority of them reenacting video game scenes under the Soo Line railroad bridge that crossed the Crow River.

It wasn't until I (barely) graduated high school that I moved up North to an abandoned house with a friend. The friend left soon after, and I found myself living alone in the middle of nowhere. During these days, I discovered my love for music and photography. 

Jump ahead a few years, something happened and I was able to come to New York. I had $100 to my name, but I made it work. I had an internship with a clothing craftsman and began working at the shop, Opening Ceremony. Today, I remain here in New York City and continue to wield unconstructed ideas to make new things. Life's a speeding car with no airbags, so the future will be interesting one way or another.


Cover Photos by :: Zak Swenson

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